Maritime Archaeology Day

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HUMA Maritime archaeology Gotland

Maritime Archaeology Day

Apart from underwater excavations, the HUMA project has had two guides at Krusmyntagården during the summer. They have provided information on the wrecking, the project and what was happening beneath the surface. About 880 people have visited the project out in the field in 2009, and have been given information by our divers or guides.

On 29th July a marine archaeology day was held at Krusmyntagården, with information on the foundering of the Danish Lübeckian fleet. Lectures were given on the project, a film and pictures were shown, there was an opportunity to try out diving gear and search equipment, see the freshly tarred copy of the cannon and compete in a combined walk and quiz.

Book the 28th of July in 2010 for another maritime archaeology day!



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