The final and third part of the lectures at the county museum

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HUMA Maritime archaeology Gotland

The final and third part of the lectures at the county museum

Göran Ankarlilja and Ilse Hammarström, project leaders for the HUMA-project from the company AquaArkeologen, informed about the underwater archaeology investigations that will take part during the summer.

The excavation will start the 19th of May at Kopparsvik, south of Visby harbor. The investigations will be performed at four different sites of earlier findings from the Danish-Lübeckish fleet. Through a sea bed survey by side-scan-sonar and metal detectors the sites will get outer limits, and after that the excavations will take part.

The sites that are going to be investigated are:
Kopparsvik 19/5-15/6
Brissund, outside Krusmyntagården 30/6-3/8
Almedalen, outside Kruttornet 6/7-12/7
Brusviken, south of Brissund 4-24/8

Everybody is very welcome to come and visit us during the summer!

Göran Ankarlilja



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